Peter Crouch praises Eddie Howe

May 3, 2022

Since the turn of the new year, Newcastle United have seen themselves go on a rather rampant run domestically, collecting 32 points from a possible 48.

After not tasting three points in the Premier League until December 4 this season, to be where they are currently, is monumental, to which Eddie Howe deserves the upmost credit.

Former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch, has said his piece on the Newcastle manager saying all the bottom clubs “were hoping for an Eddie Howe type situation.”

“All of the bottom five have sacked managers this season,” said Crouch in his Daily Mail column. “They have to these days, because patience guarantees nothing with huge money at stake.

“They are all hoping to do an Eddie Howe, because Newcastle are the best example of something working following a change in management. I was up there on Saturday for the Liverpool game and Howe is really building momentum, you can feel it around St James’ Park.

“They were the only team not to have won a single game, and found themselves five points from safety, when he was appointed in November.

“He had a tough time at Bournemouth towards the end but it’s become obvious that the Newcastle players have bought into his methods. Being able to spend a bit of money in the transfer market has helped too.”

“They might all hope for Howe but life does not always work like that. Sometimes it doesn’t click, for whatever reason, beyond the briefest of bounces. See the three managers Watford have been through this season for evidence of that.”