Is he good enough?

Paraguayan international Miguel Almiron, had an 80 minutes of football he’d rather forget on Sunday afternoon, as United came victims of a Manchester City side, with a point to prove.

And a point to prove they did, effortlessly putting five past Eddie Howe and his spooked Newcastle United side.

Miguel Almiron was given a 4/10 match rating from Lee Ryder at The Chronicle, having just 26 touches of the ball, prior to being dragged off in the 80th minute of play.

The performance at City wasn’t necessarily an anomaly for United’s number 24, having scored just one goal in his last 40 appearances for the Magpies.

A deeper look into Almiron’s game shows us the lack of confidence the winger has. He attempted just 14 passes, with only ten of them being accurate.

He lost possession of the ball on six occasions and was caught offside twice.

It’s all well and good singling out Miguel Almiron however, there are most definitely some points to not justify his performance, but back up as to why he showed such a lack of quality.

Newcastle arguably faced one of the toughest tasks in football, playing Manchester City at The Etihad. It’s unarguable that it is up there with one of the hardest places to play in Europe, due to the sheer quality of Pep Guardiola and his City side.

The miles he clocks in and the energy he shows is exactly what we need at the club, he sets the example in that department. The on the ball quality is not however, which emphasise the need for the club to put their hand in their pocket to provide more attacking prowess in the final third.

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