Amanda Staveley delivers on yet another promise

October 2021, a day the Newcastle United fanbase will look back on in fond memory. The month in which the 14 year Mike Ashley era was demolished and in came the new regime. New opportunities, new attitude and a new training ground? At last?

May 6th, 2022, Amanda Staveley began the process on transforming the clubs rather lacklustre and let’s face it, embarrassing training facilities. We have all seen the puzzling images of Newcastle players using wheelie bins as ice baths. Only Newcastle, right?

The new ownership have both a short and long-term vision in to what they want their training ground to become/look like. With the wheels now in motion as last week the club submitted a proposal for upgrades. Finally.

It’s also encouraging that the upgrades to Darsley Park could be here as soon as the beginning of the 22/23 Premier League season in August. Which would not only be a huge asset to the current players in the squad, but attracting players also.

Improved dining facilities are definitely part of the plan, which might not seem like the main issue with the current facilities, but it means the players will not be eating in what looks like a children’s school dinner hall. The less said on that the better.

On to the interesting elements as hydrotherapy facilites and plunge pools have been proposed. Both vital for recovery and exercising for injured players. Something the current training ground does not facilitate, as you’d imagine.

Improved physio rooms and sports science capabilities will be added and “hard and soft landscapes”, which mean the players can test their fitness on different surfaces. Good for the body.

If you’ve seen the Manchester City ‘All or Nothing’ documentary, you’ll be most certainly aware that a ‘presentation room’ is a key element in improvement. There will be a new presentation room in which the coaching staff can benefit from looking back over match footage to make the small, but critical changes which in the big picture make a huge difference.

Amanda Staveley recognised that these changes are very much short-term, with the long-term vision to move training grounds completely. The vision the owners have means the current grounds in which the club accommodates on will simply not be big enough to hold the clubs visions.

These changes may seem like a lot, however, these are common in most Premier League clubs. The lack of love Darley Park has seen in the last 14 years has quite frankly been disgusting. Never the less, change is here at last and we can look forward to the images of our upgraded training ground.

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