Newcastle hero explains reason behind his happiness

Bruno GuimarΓ£es has explained why he is so happy at Newcastle United and has updated the fans regarding his eagerness to learn the English language as he wants to talk “fluently” to assist him on the pitch.

The Brazilian international has thanked Joelinton, Eddie Howe and his teacher in helping him with furthering his ability to speak the English language in full.

“I’m better than before! I’m improving,” said Bruno to Newcastle United. “Now, in this season, I’m trying to speak more with my teammates. I’m afraid of the correction or if I make a mistake, but I try with them. I think I’m improving.

“Joelinton is helping me a lot. My teacher, too – I am doing a class almost every day. I’m improving but the problem is the language is so difficult. English is different to Portuguese. But I think I can get it.

“I have like a book, a Brazilian English book, so I understand a lot of things and it helps me a lot, it helps me. The accent – that is more difficult!

“I’m improving with the boys and I can understand almost everything. This book slowly is helping me a lot. But it is only another step. My goal is to be fluent in the language. I know it’s only the beginning, but I am liking this moment.”

GuimarΓ£es also commented on how Eddie Howe and the club are helping him on his journey:

“When they are speaking, they try to speak slow and this helps me a lot,” he nods. “When I arrived here, Glenn (Patterson, player liaison officer) sent me a paper with words about football on for me to try at home. This helped me, and it is fine now.”

The former Lyon midfielder also explained why his happiness has elevated since being at the club. “At Newcastle, I am living my dreams too. To play in the Premier League, it was always my dream, and here it is so special – the fans are great with me, and all the players as well. I’m happy.

“I know the expectations for the fans for this season. We are working so hard – you are here, you can prove this! We will do our best because the club needs this and the fans need a team like this. We are here to do our best and in the season, we can speak again and I hope we can speak about these things that we spoke (about) coming true. I hope for this.”

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