Rafa Benitez’s explosion at Mike Ashley the last time club played in Portugal

The last time Newcastle United played a fixture in Portugal was back in 2018 where the club featured in two pre-season friendlies, looking poor in both.

Manager at the time Rafa Benitez, exploded in an unusually honest post-match press conference which featured the former Real Madrid manager explaining just how concerning the issues were at the club, aiming his anger towards previous club owner Mike Ashley.

United had just been beaten 4-0 by Braga at the club’s iconic three-sided stadium. The performance from Rafa’s side was unusually shoddy and ultimately, the team got what they deserved in a four goal battering.

Rafa arrived at the post-match press conference where he let of his steam to the media, which led to an extraordinary speech from the manager.

β€œThings are not going well off the pitch and you can see a reflection of that on the pitch,” said Benitez

He was asked what he meant, to which he said: “Everything.”

He said he “had no idea” if there would be any more signings and said that fans should be “concerned” at the situation.

“They have to be concerned. We’re concerned, they have to be concerned. We’re also concerned.”

Rafa left the club at the end of the season when his contract expired and said “he didn’t have a choice” but to leave Newcastle.

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